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How To Get More Traffic On Your Website

Having a website is mandatory in today's world.  If someone were to Google your business name and nothing comes up, you minus well not exist at all. This is not a revolutionary statement. Setting up a website that shows up when your company is name is Googled, a...

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Key Website Metrics To Understand

In this article we are going to go over two categories of reporting metrics used when breaking down website traffic. First we will look at the difference between Page Views, Sessions, "Different People" and Average Visit Length. Then we will look how people are...

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Yoast Sitemap Guide

YOAST is incredibly powerful but one problem I faced when first utilizing the plugin was managing the unruly sitemap that it generates. Yoast Sitemap Location: If Yoast is installed and the sitemap is not disabled you can find your sitemap by affixing “sitemap.xml”...

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