Incredible AI Tools That Make You a Better Marketer

BY Connor Bearse / FILED UNDER Marketing

Adding AI tools to my toolkit has been an absolute game changer when it comes to productivity at my marketing agency.  Here are my favorites right now:

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis.AI)

Use: Copywriting
Price: $25 per month and up

Hands down one of the most stable and best AI copywriting assistants out there. They have templates for many marketing situations to help you form the perfect prompt.

Bonus AI software – Grammarly now has AI copy detection in it! So now you can have Jasper write some copy for you and Grammarly catch others from giving you content written by Jasper!


Use: Image Generation
Price: Free

A fantastic blog header image generator. It runs locally and is packed with awesome features.

Text to Image, Image to Image, Inpainting, Outpainting and more.

Pro tip – make a branded image of your own, then use Image to Image to make consistent blog headers.

Lexica (DiffusionBee Search Engine)

Use: Finding good DiffusionBee prompts
Price: Free

Providing prompts for text-to-image generators is not easy. LexicaArt is a Stable Diffusion search engine that shows prompts others have used to generate images. It will also show you some variations.


Use: Copywriting

Tired of getting stuck in the middle of writing your best piece? Unlock it with Lex! With just a straightforward command, this tool will take care of all that writer’s block anxiety and even help you come up with a catchy title.

Currently a large waitlist… so hop on soon.

Runway ML

Use: Video Editing, Motion Tracking, Green Screen, and more
Price: $144 per year

Runway is the ultimate content creation suite from the future! With its cutting-edge AI tools, you can make images come alive with text descriptions, erase unwanted objects in videos to give them a professional touch, and even delete those distracting backgrounds for your clips.

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