Written By Connor Bearse

Setting Up An Email Address For A Shared Godaddy Hosting Domain

Last Updated: April 22, 2020

Do you have a GoDaddy shared hosting environment but use your own DNS system, such as Cloudflare, and want to set up an email address in Cpanel? This is the guide for you!  Godaddy does some things behind the scenes that make this a little trickier to configure without trial and error. I’ve gone through this trial and error and have found the following steps will consistently work. The following steps I use as a reference when I am working on Godaddy shared hosting and I hope it helps anyone else who is struggling.

Step 1: Create The Email Address in Cpanel

In your cpanel dashboard navigate to “Email” category and choose “Email Accounts”.

In the dashboard choose “New Email Address”.

And fill out the information as requested.


Step 2: Set The Email Routing Configuration

Back in the Cpanel dashboard, find the “Email Routing” icon under the “Email Category”.

Back in the Cpanel dashboard, find the “Email Routing” icon under the “Email Category”.  Select the domain you are configuring in the dropdown menu and select “Local Mail Exchanger”. I have found the auto detect option to be buggy.

Step 3: Configure The DNS Settings

If you are managing your DNS manually, for example if you are using Cloudflare, then your GoDaddy configured cpanel will not be able to configure the DNS appropriately. You will need to make sure that both the mail subdomain is correctly routed and the MX record is added accordingly to cpanel’s specifications.

The table below shows the two necessary DNS entries requested by cpanel. The first is creating a DNS route to the mail subdomain. The second is a MX record that will correctly route to the mail subdomain.


Type Name Content Notes
A (Host) mail Your server’s IP address TTL Auto
MX @ mail.[your domain name].com Priority 0


And there you have it! If you are in a shared hosting environment, such as Godaddy, and use an external DNS system such as Cloudflare you should be all set!